Not My Fault.

I never thought I would be posting a new Chris Brown track because ever since the Grammy's, all my Chris Brown posts have been negative. I'm still not fully on the "Chris Brown is the shit" train like I once was, but I do have to admit, the dude still got it! I really like this song. I really hope he does have a great career like he once had because he is actually talented, but it's really hard to ignore the fact the he's...kinda like a criminal...or shall I say woman beater?! But this song is dope.I suppose this will be on his new album,Graffiti, whenever that drops. Yeaaaa enjoy ppl!...I guess...

*Update* I suppose this isn't a finished song. I should have known better. Think its just a demo. Still dope is music ppl...shit!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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