Now is it over?

JE-SUS! I think we all know the story now.No need to repeat it. And yes, they went to court today.Chris and his attorneys kept postponing the court dates and shit and I thought we would never see a verdict.Well they gave the dude 5 yrs probation,180 days community service in result of a plea deal.What does Es think of this verdict?I think it's bullshit.If he was just some regular dude, he would have gotten jail time and probation but no.Cause he's singing, dancing, smiling Chris Brown-he gets a slap on the wrist. I really don't care for Rihanna, but Breezy fucked her up.I feel like he should have man'd up and just went to court the first time, stop asking for mercy, and serve some jail time, learn his lesson and then continue with his career.And community service? What kind of community service is he gonna do? Have a show on MTV and teach teens about making their life better? I'm just over and irritated by this whole Ike &Tina 2.0 shit. Have fun with ya probation Breezy....go on ya jet ski's and shit....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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