Oh Drake...

I've been meaning to post this pic when I first saw it. Everytime I see it, I just laugh at Drake's facial expression. He looks like,"Oh me?...No, I'm not standing next to Rihanna...oh shit, I am" and then he probably ducked away from the cams! lol If yall are getting it with each other, just say so. It's not gonna kill you to. I never understood that about celebs. Are you ashamed of the person you're dating? You make it more stressful for yourself when you lie and say no, I'm single. But if there's no Drizzy & Riri...I still think this pic if funny. And personally, I think Rihanna is a borderline ho. She be on every dudes nuts-I just know it. Rihanna is not as sweet and innocent as you people think she is. Next thing you know she will have a tell all book like she's Superhead! Drake...beware of the Riri...she's out to get you!

...but one thing about Rihanna I can't knock-her fashion game is ill...most of the time. If I was her size, I would want to rad her closet. I would go for the shoes first!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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