Ohhh, so that's why there was no Chris Breezy at the BET Awards...

As much as I believe that Bossip just posts anything without figuring out if its true or not, I believe this shit. Apparently, Chris did not perform at the BET Awards last Sunday because Hov said no! Jay-Z said he would not perform he Breezy's foot even touched the stage(I made that up, of course). As much as other celebs and stuff are accepting Chris back into their little fab world, Jay-Z aint having it! Hov didn't even like the kid when he started dating Riri...yes, before he slapped the shit out of her! Hov thought it wasn't good for Riri's image and shit. Dumb broad should have listened to Hov in the beginning! But I will say that Chris would have been the perfect person to do a tribute for MJ. I know he was crying when he heard the news! Well, they don't call Jay-Z Hov for nuttin! He runs shit!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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