Omarion signed to Young Money?

Noooooooo! Word? For real though? I refuse to believe this.
via Bossip(the site where credible info does not live):
Tyrese recently broke the news on Twitter that Omarion has signed with Weezy’s label, Young Money Yall sure Tyrese wasn't tipsy from the MTV Movie Awards after parties? If this is true, which I highly doubt and hope that it isn't, not sure if this is the best move for Young Money to make. If you wanna make a good business move and add a R&B artist, try Trey Songz or even Lloyd before O. I love Omarion, Ice Box and Touch are my shit but Young Money?So So Def, maybe but not YOUNG MULAAAAA BABY! We'll see how this turns out. Maybe I'm wrong this and they are cooking some dope shit together as I's just weird to me...what a deal! Still think they need to get rid of that Kevin Rudolf dude...I can not get into his music.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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