Peace x Love Shit.

No this aint 1960 but that doesn't mean the hippies are gone. They kinda low key...cause they be on that peace x love shit. There is already enough negativity going around people...why add to it. Stay positive and be free. Do you...stay true. Trust me, just do it. It feels good...real good. It's therapy.

Join the peace x love movement and let the world feel the positive energy. This generation is so stressed out by the pressures of this world, we all just need to chill out and just...breathe...feel free. I'm trying to stay on my peace x love shit far so good. I feel better now a days even though negativity surrounds me constantly. I refuse to let it get to me...I already have enough to be stressed about in my own life.

And no, we are not hipsters. Hipsters are people with no true identity. They are followers of trends soon to die. This isn't a trend, it's a movement...a way of life. This world needs love and we are here to give it.

The flowers are here today...and the hippies are here to stay -Rich Hil

Peace x Love shit people...join us.

and no I'm not high..I'm just before yall think ya girl lost

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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