The Potential.

Okie dok. My Mixtape Monday yesterday was nonexistent! J.Cole is not gonna drop The Warm Up til the 15th and Tyga didn't drop The Potential either. He said he needs to finish mixing some songs and stuff. No fair! I was all excited and shit! But this mixtape better be dope since it's past it's deadline. But honestly, Tyga is one of those artists that can't really do anything for me to stop liking him and his music. And plus, I've been promoting him for the longest so he has a special place in my heart! lol Anywho, this title track is obvisously off the upcoming(or past due date!) mixtape, The Potential! I really like this track and the ppl on HipHopDX who left comments seem to like it as well. The best place to find out what real Hip Hop heads feel about anything Hip Hop is HipHopDX. Unlike WorldStarHipHop, real useful ppl leave comments on there with real opinions! Can't wait for the mixtape to drop, love this track! Tyga Tygaman! Enjoy and find your true potential!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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