Quote of the Moment by J.Cole

No...I will NOT stop posting about him.He's the muthafucking truth! Anywho, I was listening to some J.Cole and I feel upon one of my favorite songs by him, A Dollar and A Dream. I can so relate to this song but there's one part that stood out to me...

Every lady aint a ho, and every bitch I know ain't a queen
-from A Dollar and A Dream

THANK YOU! That's basically my opinion when it comes to the whole"Hip Hop degrades women" issue! There are hoes out there. So when you hear rappers say "ho" or "bitch" they are not talking about all of womenkind!(is that a word?) I'm not a ho...can be a bitch sometimes, but I know when I'm listening to the song, the dude aint talking about me! So ladies, chill out! They ain't talking about you....at least not all of you! lol sorry!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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