Review: BET Awards 09

Oh Lord...where do I begin with this?! Ok so I when I found out the BET Awards was coming soon, I was like,"I'm not into award shows anymore, not gonna watch this one." So then when we all found out about MJ's death, I was like,"Oh hell naw, I'm def not watch this!" But I guess my parents were watching it and then my sis comes around and slides in front of the door and says "Lil Wayne won Best Male Hip Hop" and I was like,"Whatever, that always happens." Then she goes,"LeBron won best Male Athlete and he thanked Michael Jackson for what he did for basketball"....I changed the channel.

First thing we saw(unfortunately) was Keri Hilson performance. My mom was like,"Who is this? I don't like her!" What can I say? Great mids think alike-cause I don't like the chick either! And then the ending of the performance was so weird...she should never do a capella again. And then we saw Soulja Boy literally hop up out of bed and perform.It was an iight Arab-I was surprised. I think NeYo sang something for Michael...nice, I guess. Keke Palmer....why?

Jamie Foxx performed(of course) Blame It and I was not enjoying the performance until I saw probably one of the only rappers I will always love-Snoop come on stage! I started dancing like him.My sister goes,"Now that's a man that I will cry about when he dies!"And T-Pain's BIG ASS CHAIN is still annoying. Does Jamie really play the guitar? Oh then Beyonce performed.I was waiting for her to bust out and do Diva or Single Ladies but she did Ava Marie! Ok, she's Beyonce...she can do whatever the hell she wants to. But the opening in front of her dress was really bothering me. I wanted to go through the TV and close it for her.

Taraji P.Henson is the shit! I happy she won for Best Actress. NeYo got Best Male R&B???? Oh, and this...BET fucked up with this one. When da hell did they let Ciara sing for a Michael Jackson Tribute? The bitch should have DANCED!!!!!! It's MJ for good sakes, what was she doing singing? Leave that to NeYo!Her hair looked nice though.Tina & Erica of Mary Mary performed one of my favs right now, God In Me. But I will say, wtf was up with their voices? They sounded like they had sore throats or something. But they bought out Queen Latifah. I swear she needs to get back to rapping again.Keri Hilson got Best New Artist....Cudi should have won that shit.

Monica and Keyshia killed it, love that song.Thank you NeYo for bring out Keith Sweat, Guy, and Bell Biv DeVoe! I was jamming when they came on!Beyonce won Best Female R&B-she did that! And love the dress Bey! It was so funny when Jamie walked her off the stage-she was so confused! Why does everybody gotta do Beyonce like that! lol Then Jay-Z performed DOA-nuff said! Love that dude!

Ok, this was probably the best part of the show! I'm gonna watch the reruns of this show just because of this part. So it's time to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to the O'Jays. I'm mad they got Don Cornelius to do this. That poor man slowly walked himself on stage and I swear him presenting was longer than Omaba's inauguration speech! But as I watched him I was thinking to myself "....God forbid but what if he just stops and all of a sudden starts to fall backwards?"Right after I thought that, Erica goes,"I just thought a really bad thing!"We busted out laughing! After that every time I saw Mr.Cornelius I laughed my ass off! By the time that man stopped talking, my eyes were filled with tears from laughing so hard! And then Eddie Levert was talking about MJ and said,"People were dancing and shit"-that was the cherry on top! Best award show moment ever!!!!!! Man, old people are funny! lol

Trey Songz,Tyerse, and Johnny Gil were dope. Trey looked fineeeeeee! Um...the O'Jays still got it-legendary! And then there was Drake's performance....poor dude tore his ACL-ouch! That's why he was sitting the whole time. He should have cancelled his performance and did it next year or something.Then the rest of Young Money came out to fuck up everything and made the BET Awards that much more ghetto! Why da hell were there little girls on stage with a song talking about fucking every girl in the world?Yup, they are gonna be teen mothers!...yeaaa-um, Maxwell's performance was nice.But they could have done it without the feathers.

And then Jamie Foxx brought out Janet...I almost cried when I saw her. I was like,", it's too early for poor Janet" It was sad to watch her.Now she is my idol-don't even get me started on that one.
Altogether-Jamie performed wayyyy too much! There were a lot of awkward moments because BET can never do anything right.And they did horrible with the censoring-what's new? The MJ tributes could have been better. Yes, I know they had like 3 days to put it together but still-I could have thought of some better people to do some MJ tributes....geez!

Verdict:Hot royal mess! But I enjoyed it!
Rerun is today at 8...I think!
The VMAS are gonna be bananas! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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