Review: J.Cole 'The Warm Up' Mixtape

Yes World...Es is about to do another review. Lord give strength though. Just got back from the dentist...that lady digged the shit of of my teeth. But because I love this dude named J.Cole, I'm gonna do this review....ouch....

So, ever since I heard J.Cole's Grown Simba and saw him on DJ Green Lantern's radio show, I was like,"Hmmm...he's kinda interesting...I wanna hear more."And that's what I got on June 15th-more. J.Cole has an interesting and inspiring story. Dude is a college graduate. See rappers, you don't have to drop out to be a rapper! lol Anywho, when I heard he was the first artist signed to Jay-Z's new labe, Roc Nation, I knew he just had to be dope! So overtime, a song would leak here, a video of him in the studio would drop there. And then finally, the highly anticipated mixtape was time for this summer to really Warm Up.

Yo, it's June 15th right, I wake up all excited and shit. I ran to the computer, checked my email, then Twitter, and then J's blog. Downloaded the mixtape and then-I couldn't unzip the file! I spent all day trying to do it but no luck. I was all pissed off and shit. I felt like I was missing such a major moment in Hip Hop! My homegirl, MiaAlien sent me the tracks and for that I will forever be gratefully. So I put it on the iPod, go to my room, and just lay on my bed and listen....

I promise you, I had an outer body experience listening to this 'tape. Remember when I review Rich Hil's LL2 and said it did something to me physically? It happened again. I felt I was in his world...walking side by side hearing him telling me his story. This shit was deeper than rap...and yes, that pun was intended but it's true! Anf if lyrical skills were like basketball skills, this dude would be the Kobe Bryant of Hip Hop...right this moment. I truly feel XXL missed a lot of talented newcomers when they did their Freshmen10. How did this dude not make it? And this dude produces his own shit?Word to ya mother, father, brother, and sister! Production was ill on this tape. His freestyles over Talib Kweli's Just To Get By and Outkast's Royal Flush were crazy! This dude is just ill and I find it crazy that so many people are saying he's not all that or they are not impressed by the mixtape. I'm like, "Are we listening to the same mixtape? Or did I get another version?" This is def in my top mixtapes list. If not top 10, def top 5! You can tell he worked on this mixtape. He didn't just get a whole bunch of instrumentals and rap on them and told the world,"Here, enjoy that shit." His word play is ridiculous. Dude said,"Curves like cursive, opens up like curtains" That line doesn't even do his word play justice. There's tons wayyy better. He is a lyricist. I think a lot of these new cats in the game rely on melodies and beats to make their shit hot. But if this whole mixtape was just J rappin a capella, it would still be dope. But it does not hurt that his beats are the shit...doesn't hurt one little bit! lol So this mixtape is def beyond the hype, it's a true masterpiece. All you haters, shut the fuck up and get ya ears checked. J.Cole is the truth. And like I've said before, he's Chicken Noodle Soup for My Soul! lol I can't wait to see what the future holds for's starting to look bright...

Ok, I do have one's only semi bad. There was 20+ tracks on the mixtape. One of my main pieces of advice for mixtapes is to do 15-18 tracks on a mixtape. No more, no less! I hate to be drowned in 20+ tracks all on one 'tape. But I will say this, every track is worthy to be heard, and two of them were interludes. But I liked..not loved...but liked every song. For me to even like ya's pretty fuckin good! I'm a picky listener.

Download The Warm Up here

Tracks to Listen to:
Can I Live-this shit is real. And you know what...for a while, I've been trying to think of who J.Cole reminds me of and this song give it to me. Dude reminds me of Mos Def. Hence his "singing" Dude sounds like Mos and his lyrical does as well. Maybe that's why I like him so much! lol

Grown Simba
-One of the first songs I heard from him. Loved it then, love it even more now! The beat is freakin insane! When I get a car, I'ma blast this shit.

Lights Please
-Love the underlining story. Spittin that real shit as well.

I Get Up
-Probably one of my favs off the mixtape. Very inspiring. Love the beat. Love the chorus. Very dope indeed.

-Awww shit! He got Brandon Hines on that bitch! I love him! Overdose was my shit! Love this story on this one. Beautiful song.

The Badness
-Yo, like real talk, I was holding back tears listening to this song. Both J and Omen kept it real on this one. Very deep and well done. Love this one.

Losing My Balance
-Is that Hope singing in the background? Sounds like her. Again, inspirational. Very nice vibe.

World is Empty
-Did you hear his speed with the flow? Dope shit...just oh so dope!

Please people, I beg you, support real talent! Download this mixtape! J.Cole is the future along with many others. This is the kind of music this world needs. Download! J.Cole, I got you homie! You are the truth! Thanks for such a wonderful gift of music.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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