Review: Rich Hil 'The Lost Limos Pt.III' Mixtape

My people, it's another dope day in the World of Es! Theeeee third and final part of the Lost Limos has dropped. This mixtape addict almost went another day without her dose of dopeness. Rich really did a great job with this last part. Props to everyone who worked on it with him as well. Your hard work really does pay off!

So this time, I took to my pen and pad and took notes while I listened to the mixtape for the first time. My overall verdict...DOPEEEEEEEE SHITTTTTTT! When Rich started working on this mixtape, he said he wanted it to be doper than Pt.2. I was like,"Alright now!" Cause Pt.2 is my shit. But Pt.3 is def dope. The vibe is different from Pt.1 & 2 but still nice and very Rich Hil. I liked the use of samples in this one, like in Letters from Pain, Dr.Hark, and What I Know. I'm a huge KanYe fan, so already know I love me some samples. Again, the Electric Limo Land Band sounds ill on this tape. Overall production was good. To me, this mixtape had more of a alternative rock sound to it rather than a Hip Hop sound. Like some old Green Day and Smashing Pumpkins...*receives confused from readers* that's what I though of! And some of the tracks reminded me of some old school West Coast Hip Hop such as My Window Cries. I wrote whatever came to mind as I listened to each song, so this is like straight from my notes ppl!

And I know last review, I called Rich our generation's Jimi Hendrix but I wanna change that. I'm gonna call him The New Age Hendrix. He's like Hendrix with a twist. I wrote New Age Hendrix in my notes too lol. I feel if Hendrix was alive today, his music would kinda sound like this. And Rich always spits that real shit. That's why so many people can relate to what he's saying. The emotions he expresses in his songs are the same emotions a lot of young people are feeling right now. Being lonely, not having shit to do sometimes, just wanting to get high-we've all felt this way before...maybe not the getting high part because my lungs aren't built like his! lol So again, Rich Hil=voice of this generation. I call his music Generational Music ©Es lol

I will do a Tracks to Listen to this time because some songs stood out to me very much and I will be bumping them like crazy in the iPod. (w/ notes straight from my notebook)
Tracks to Listen to:

Tin Soldiers-ill beat, rebel music!, bass (or guitar) is crazy dope, Rich rides nicely on the beat
Burnin Til There's No More: band sounds dope, very upbeat, love the chorus. Like the final cut, Rich *wink*
Free or Locked In: Lovvvvve the vibe, very Kid Cudi like, beat is knocking, very Hendrix, can relate to lyrics
I Don't Attain Anything: Beat is nice, shit be ridin, real shit, Bonic is dope on this one, nice chorus.

All of the parts of The Lost Limos were dope! I enjoyed each one of them! Some real, good, dope shit to add to my mixtape collection. Perfect set of mixtapes for new Rich Hil fans to listen and get to know what Rich is all about. I will be a long time fan of Rich's. Real talk, Rich is probably one the dopest artists I have ever encountered. His music is truly therapy for me. I don't think I've gone a day without listening to him since I first saw the O's video. Like I ask with every new artist I post on here...Legend potential?...Hell Fucking Yea! Rich, I got you! LIMOSSSSS!

Download the whole set of The Lost Limos here

p.s.He said 'Ether" twice in this mixtape! Yes, I counted...Let Me Be Great! lol GENERATIONS!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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