Review: Rich Hil 'The Smoked Out Limo Vol.1'

*hearing people sing*"Hey hey hey heyyyy...don't say you will...unless you will"-Ok ppl, I know I'm made late with this review but I'm gonna do it now! so chill out...with all that KanYe singing and stuff...

Rich Hil drops the first installment of The Smoked Out Limo series with DJ YoungLegend and I must say...Rich never ceases to amaze me. I think that after all of his mixtapes, I'm a Rich Hil fan for's pretty much concrete right now. This mixtape doesn't sound like any other mixtape of Rich's but it is still very Rich Hil. I like to think that Rich was on his hood shit on this one. I could so see myself bumping this mixtape in the hood. The combination of Rich and DJ YoungLegend is a good one, I like the vibe on this mixtape. On this one, I feel like Rich let's people know what he's really about and the diversity he has as an artist. The freestyles were ill! Just had to add that in as well! Vol.1 def gets the stamp of approval of DOPE SHITTTT! Oh, and it was nice to see the real Fresh Prince, K.Smith, on the tape. Remember wayyy back when I posted on him. Nice to hear him on a track with Rich. Probably one of my favorite songs off the mixtape.

So besides the mixtape, it can be said that it has been kinda a big week for Rich on the world wide web. His song, Girls, Sounds, & Colors, with Cudi leaked and many people were introduced to Rich and his music. I understand why Rich was upset about the leak and he has every right to be but I think something positive came out of it. And this is with every artist I know and love that isn't really on and should be when I first know of them, it irritates me when people wanna act like an artist hasn't been out and now want to start paying attention to them. This is why I still don't understand why people are acting like Cudi and Drake just started making music or something yesterday. I've been on the both of them since '07 and told people about them back then and people dissed them. Those same people now are like their biggest fans-like really? So to everyone who is just hearing about Rich now, go back and listen to his previous mixtapes and this one and get familiar! Be one of the first people rocking with Rich while everyone is late on the 'Rich Hil is dope' train!

Download The Smoked Out limos Vol.1 here !

Ok, it's time for Tracks to Listen to time, but I will say this, every track is one to listen to but I just want to point out some of my personal favorites.

Tracks to listen to:

I Got 5 On It Freestyle-That is like one of my favorite songs everrrrrrr! When I heard the beat come on I was like,"Oh no he didn't!" Very dope Rich!

Superman High Freestyle-Who the fuck did the beat?-shit is crazy! Love the way Rich just rides up on the beat. Def put this one on repeat!

HomeGrown w/Boo Bonic-Rich & Bonic on a track is always dope. This one was very Cali if you know what I mean. Love the sample. This will be one of my theme songs when I go to LA for the first time...whenever that will be! lol

Walk In NY Freestyle-just for the simple fact that Rich was like, "Hey bitch, could you run to the store?"-Pimpin'! lol and she messed up his order! lol Don't play with Daddy Rich!

Welcome to High Show-Love the beat, love the lyrics, love the vibe, I love everything about this track.Dope shit!

So Rich has dropped another shipment of dopeness to us dope feens! I was def high listening to this! Shout to DJ YoungLegend, Electric Limo Land Bad, and everyone else who was part of this mixtape-very dope you guys! Download and enjoy ppl! Cause I know you will!


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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