Review:J.Nolan "Chasing Cool" Mixtape

*singing*I got some dope shit, I got some dope shit!*stops singing* (in Levi Maestro voice) YOOOOOO! lol Let me stop, ok yall remember when I told artists to send me their music and stuff?Yea, so this artist named J.Nolan hit me up with his mixtape,Chasing Cool. It just came out in May, so I guess I'm a little late on that one-opps! So he's in the A, 20yrs of age, been writing for 8 yrs now, and recording for 3 yrs. Dude has been on his grizzly for a minute now. So today, I finally got the chance to sit down and listen to the mixtape and to be honest, I did not except to hear what I heard.I was pleasantly delighted. It's some real Hip Hop. Not the Hip Hop that's watered down by Pop influences but some real authentic Hip Hop. And its surprising to hear this kind of Hip Hop from such a young dude. Really brought it back to the era of concinous rapping. This mixtape wasn't all about money and hoes, there was some substance to it and that, I can appreciate! This is my first encounter with J.Nolan and his work, I can't wait to hear more! Very good mixtape! (had to keep this short and sweet today!I'm busy! lol)

Tracks to Listen to:
We Get Up
Let it Go
Chasing Cool

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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