Stop Mourning and Start Celebrating!

Oh Lord, forgive me for what I'm about to do...even though I just saying how I see it.And if you think I'm a complete bitch after this post,so be it. But I really need to this off my chest.I do have a blog, why not blog about it!...Here it goes....

Yes, we did lose an icon yesterday but we did not lose the gifts that he has given us as an artist. You people are kinda ridiculous. This "mourning" of Michael's death is a little out of hand and it's only Day 2. Yall crying ya hearts out and listening to old MJ songs and watching Thriller over and over again-please, get yourself together. I know he had a great influence on my people's lives and when I say people I mean, music artists and aspiring music artists.Not the garbage man, or ya school teacher. People who actually used inspiration from Michael to better their craft. There are people out there now who have a big influence on me and I would probably shed a tear or two as well, but I would not go over the top with it. I think what people think is that if they go over the top with mourning his death and drowned themselves in MJ's music that would be honoring him and showing him how much we love him.I beg to differ.

I kinda think it's kinda insulting to his name and his legacy. Print screen tees within hours of his death, all the radio will play is his music, changing ya Twitter icon-it needs to stop. And you wanna know why? Think about it, how long will this all last? For how long will you wear your RIP MJ shirt? For how long will the radio only play his music? For how long will you cry? Not for long. I give everybody a max of 2 weeks and everybody is forget about this. Don't honor a person with temporary things or things that can be destroyed or taken away.

The best way for us, as fan of MJ's, to honor him and to keep his legacy alive is to use the gifts he gave us to better ourselves and to appreciate one another.To use creativity like he did, to touch people's lives the like he did but in our own unique way. How I'm gonna remember Michael and show him love is by not giving up on my dream, not let anyone bring me down, and to inspire as many people as possible. I love Michael just like the rest of you but I'm not gonna sit on my ass and cry about his death.Instead I will get up, use the lessons he taught us, and make the best of it so that his legacy can live forever in a positive way. It angers me that now, all of a sudden people are saying all these wonderful things about MJ when probably the day before his death you were probably making fun of him. My sister and I will admit, like the day before yesterday we said a MJ joke-it's wasn't too bad. But stop being fake people! It's probably the most disrespectful thing you can do. If you ask me last week how would I feel when MJ died, I would probably say the same things I said I this post! He did have a pretty screwed up life but the legacy he left was so great.

And I just feel bad that everyone completely forgot about Mrs.Farrah Fawcett. May her soul rest in peace. And I hope that her death brings more attention to other kinds of cancer besides just lung and breast cancer. She was legendary as well.

And one more thing about this unfortunate loss.This generation and generations to come, this is especially is not the time for you to sit down and cry. It is time for all of us young people to step our game up and become legendary ourselves. Not that Michael left an open spot for someone else to take, he will always be the King of Pop, but it's time for young people to start having great titles of our own.I truly think MJ's death is kinda like God kicking this generation in the butt and saying"Its our time to be great like he was" So stop crying those crocodile tears and get to working!

Please, people, I beg you, don't let this man die in vain. Celebrate his life and legacy by using what he left us in a way to better yourself.

I've said my peace....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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