My fellow blogger/Twigga, Erik, wanted me to listen to this guy to know what I thought of his music and I'm like,"I know this guy, how do I know him?" Well once upon a time, HipHopUpdate did a Kid Cudi mixtape called The Moon Man. The mixtape featured a song called Take'em High by K.Sparks with Cudi on it. So that's how I heard of the dude! Really feeling this track along with some of his other songs. Check out more of his music here. He's doing something called Manic Mondays, where every Monday he releases a song. Very dope! But Erik and I already missed 39 weeks! lol I just find that to be really funny! So check out the song, if you like the song check out more of his music! Enjoy ppl!
As seen on Infinite Cycle

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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