TheGirlTheyCallEs Presents...The Skate Club.

I've been meaning to introduce this dope kids to guys for the longest. I never got around to it. But today is a new day and I like you guys to meet Kid Dreamer & kid Raydio of The Skate Club. These dudes can produce their butts off! Think I heard about them via Surf Club. Checked out their MySpace and fell in love! Yall know I'm a complete beat freak! Like I would rather listen to their beats all day than some other people's music. It's that dope! I really respect these guys for staying on the grind and doing the damn thing! Keep it up yall! You're really cooking up some dopeness in the lab!

Visit their MySpaces:

Artists, hit these kids up! They got some real heat for yall!

Fav beats/mixes:
Taylor Swift Flow Remix
Im in Heaven(that's my shit!)

The Neptunes of this generation!-I swear! I love my generation! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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