Theory of Es: CH Made Himself the Enemy.

Oh Charles're probably public enemy #1 in the world of Hip Hop right now. I remember when I first heard of you and feel in love with your choppy beats. And saw you and your color pink loving self all over the blogs. And how I was mad excited to see you on the cover of XXL. I was like, "Charles Hamilton is that nigga!" But that was November of 08.

Now a days, I wonder about you. You are constantly at war with someone. Whether it is a fellow "Freshmen", an old school rapper, or an ex girlfriend. You drop mixtapes like every week but no one notices because all the heat you get from what you say in a song, interview, or on a blog. To me, it seems like you live off of being at war with the world. Cause if you didn't, you wouldn't respond to every opinion that a person has about you. You're a rapper for goodness sakes, everyone will have an opinion about you. Dogs and cats aren't listening to your music, music lovers are. We understand that you had somewhat of a hard knock life and we respect the fact that you can express that in your music. It's kind of part of your appeal. And just because one person has something mean or hateful to say about you and your music, it doesn't mean that everyone feels that way. I still like your flow, even though people think you have none. I like your beats, even though others think it sounds like a beat gone wrong. And the way you express yourself in general is pretty dope, even though people think you sound like a weirdo.

All I'm saying is, stop making yourself the enemy. It's so unnecessary. If you do it for publicity, come up with something else. Matter fact, I'll think of a marketing plan for you. Just chill out Sonic! You're adding more stress to yourself by giving these people attention. You're making ya self the enemy. I mean it's not like ya Chris Brown to where people have a valid reason to be mad at you or hate on you.But ya kinda Chris Brown'ing your career if you continue to do the things that you do. You make great music, don't let your music suffer because of your dumb actions and decisions. And this whole thing about Jay Dilla being the executive producer of your album, I have no idea if you really know the Yancey family or not or if JD really worked on the album with you but telling everyone to email you their number so you can call them and address them about the hate? Why Charles? Was that really necessary? 50 said it best,"...and if they hate, then let them hate and watch the money pile up" So Charles, as a fan of yours and just a general music lover, don't worry about everyone else, focus on your music, and stay positive. I know you probably think that being the enemy is part of your appeal...but it really isn't. No need to make the fans into haters now is there?

People, Charles Hamilton's situation is a classic case of self destruction...well maybe career destruction.That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it.

And my personal opinion about him and Jay Dilla-I wanna see some video footage or photos. I need proof before I can really determine anything....and for Ma Dukes to speak in defense of Sonic.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


All I'm trying to do is put some money in Ma Dukes pockets and give attention to Detroit hiphop. My favorite rapper (Em) and producer (Dilla) are from there. It's the least I can do. I give attention to everyone, because I love everyone. I appreciate the blog entry. Made me feel good. But understand my perspective...


~~Charles Hamilton~~

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