Theory Of Es: Identify Your Identity.

I've been meaning to do this post. I've watched too many fake people going around the world and it's about time I address them.And no, this isn't on some rapper type shit like,"Yall tryna be like, fake ass niggas". It's on some "Just be you" shit. I've had to deal with this issue of "not staying true to myself" in my younger years.

When I was mad young, like 4-8 yrs old, I was always doing me. Whether it was kicking some boy in the nuts or dancing in the hallways. I was a bad ass child yall. But I swear, as soon I went to junior high-I changed. I don't know if it was puberty hittin or what. I changed the way I was to just please others and fit in. It made other people happy but at the end of the day, I wasn't happy. I felt like I was wearing a mask. And at times when I thought people were my friends, they were people who were just using me. They never laughed with me, they laughed at me. I'm a strong little Nigerian girl, but that shit right there just broke my heart! So for the longest, I blamed it on them cause I thought I was doing everything right. Until I moved to GA.

A New England city girl in the country ass GA, I was already different. Couldn't run away from that! So I said to myself,"You know what Es, just do you. Why waste time and energy tryna be like people you will never be like" The crazy wild bad ass Es returned and you what, people actually liked me for me. People appreciated the fact that I wasn't like them and that I was a little weird and crazy. More people wanted to talk to me and befriend me to see what I was about. Why would people want to talk to people who are exactly like them all time. Like my 8th grade English teacher in RI said,"Variety is the spice of Life!" She would always say that shit.

Anyways, my point is:Identify your identity.I know a lot of people, especially us young ones, are still figuring out who we are as people, but in the meantime, don't pretend to be someone else! And don't diss who you might be. You be like, "Oh those people are so lame, and all kinds of wrong" and a week later, you chillin' with them like yall been best friends forever!It really irritates me when I see people who rather blend in than stand out. That's so 2000! Originality should be your policy.Honesty should be too. Stop being fake, it's an ugly mask to wear! Embrace who you are. That's why I don't understand why it takes forever for some people to come out the closet or tell their friends "I'm not really into the same things you're into" It's not gonna kill you to be real! And if people laugh at you, forget them! Because being you will get you to the top and when at the top, you'll have the last laugh.If you don't do anything else with ya life, please I beg you, discover who you are and then embrace it. You'll thank me later when were both on top.

This fakeness is like the swine flu! Shit is everywhere! lol On my Rich Hil steez today, tryna spit that real shit to yall! lol

art by Fafi

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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