vLog of Es: Juan Neal vs Fli Pelican.

vLog of Es:Juan Neal vs Fli Pelican from Es Famojure on Vimeo.

Ok, here's my take on the situation. Two points I want to add to:

The logos:Wearing swagga jack'd logos is like wearing knock off sneakers

....and I forgot the other point, but when I remember it, I'll update this point!

What's your take on this whole thing? Would you still purchase some Fli Pelican? Is Juan just being salty? What's your take?

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Anonymous said…
Thank you for every thing. You went in on the post and I am glad that you waited to say your opinion. Thank you for real!
A. KING said…
the story is real wild but i have to say that Juan Neal really did take the fli pelican blog to the next level i dont think it will be the same. thanks for keeping it 100 Es and Juan

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