The Warm Up.

J.Cole-The Warm Up (Mixtape)
I'm hella pissed right now. I spent all day trying to download and open this compressed zip file of dope shit and I can't get it opened! I can't listen to the damn mixtape! Errrrr! I've been waiting for like ever for this to drop and the day it drops, I can't even download the damn file. I know eventually I'll be able to hear this 'tape but if anyone can like "re-compressed" all of the songs on the 'tape and put it on zshare and send it to me, you would be the dopest person ever! Everytime I try to open it up it says something there's something worng with the file itself so its not my computer. Anywho, J.Cole aka My Chicken Noddle Soup for My Soul, drop the highly anticipated mixtape, The Warm Up! So far I see that people like it...I wish I could say the same! How am I suppose to do a review! Errrrrrr! I hate zip files! There has to be another way for people to drop mixtapes on the web without putting them in zip files! Download it, if you can open it up, pleas hit me up and help me get the songs onto my computer! If You were me, I would help you out!...think about it! lol Download and support ppl!

If you can help me, my email is in advance!
*Update* Shout Out to @MiaAlien for giving me the tracks off The Warm Up! You are the shit! Thank you soooo much! I'm downloading the tracks now, so a review will be on the way! Mia saves the day! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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