A win for Team Amber Rose!

Amber Rose is shuttin you hoes down! See I knew people were lying on her and hating her! I believe in Ms.Rose! She's that chick! Team Amber Rose is in full effect! Amber Rose FTW! Ok, so why am I saying all of this?

Amber Rose signed with Ford Models! I knew she had what it took to get some real modeling gigs! Can't wait to see some of her work as a Ford Model!

Despite rumors, Amber & KanYe are still together! Take that haters! I'm glad they are. To be honest, when I heard that they split, I was sad. I just don't want 'Ye to be alone! They even celebrated Amber's signing. They went shopping at American Apparel and got matching hoodies! How cute?...ok, it's kinda corny but it's Amber and KanYe, so it's cute! lol

p.s.I've been trying to post this post for the longestttt but my computer and internet has been acting up-sorry to my 3 loyal readers! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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