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Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper (Almighty GloryUs)-Ask About Me
I've been meaning to post this. Not because it's new (cause it s not!) but because it so fuckin dope that I feel everyone should have this in their iPod. It should be a law that this has to be in your mp3 player. Yes, it's that fuckin dope! Chip and Cudi are so ill, I don't think you guys get it! Like they make me want to move to Cleveland or some shit. I only been to Ohio once-it was fun! They were these big ass houses and like tons of land to run around-I was a little kid when I went. Anywho, Chip and Cudi killed this track. This is like one of the first rap songs in a while that I know like all the words to. I can recite Chip's verse perfectly. "I be on that that that monster shit, RAWWW BITCH!"-I'm getting that a t-shirt or something! lol Love love love that song! And the beat! Yall know I'm a beat freak. I had like an outer body experience listening to it. Shout out to Rami Beatz for that one, damn that beat is ill! Well download and enjoy this dope shit! This is probably the dopest shit I've given to you guys thus far! I can not wait for their album together as Almighty GloryUs, shit is gonna be beyond dope I can feel it! And you, if you're dope, I will tell the whole world that you are and I give props to the people that deserve it! Even Chip knows that!

Track brought to you by Dat New Cudi & DJ Ev's Dat Kid from Cleveland Mixtape

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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