Cudder Time! Feature Edition!

I've been listening to Nore since I was young and Cudi is probably one of my favorite artists out right now, like top 5, so it's really dope to hear these two on a track together. I appreciate it when the vets in the game see the talent in these new cats and work with them. As for the track, this shit goes hard! Let me get my car when school starts, I'ma be bumpin this shit loud and clear for all of the A to hear! Nicely done fellas!
On another note, I've been checking out a lot of different blogs lately and a lot of people are hating on my dudder, Cudi. Yes, everyone gets hated on here and there when they are the new guy, but it's been like system overload lately. People saying he's losing his appeal and stuff-wtf? Cudi is one of those artists who can never lose their appeal. He's so fuckin original! Name one artist, (not two! Don't try to say he sounds like this guy and this guy mixed together) that's exactly like Cudi. Oh, no one huh? Thought so! It's not even like its this swag he puts on in the morning, it's just him! I really think Cudi is from the moon, and I mean that as a compliment. Erica and I think Michael Jackson was an alien...that's another post though...But all you people who like Cudi just cause of Day N Nite and now wanna talk shit-shut the fuck up and go back to the rock in which you live under. Because you are too blind and deaf to see a dope artist with legend potential when they are right in front of you!
I will continue this rant later.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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