Cudder Time! Performance Edition!

Cudi's Theme Song

I love Kid Cudi. I think that when I go to the show(ATL Aug.2nd at the Tabernacle-be there!), I'm gonna cry when I see him on stage-I don't cry for celebs. This guy is not from Earth, he is a freaking Moon Man. He's too dope to be that dope! I can not wait for Man on the Moon:End of Day to drop. I love him I love him-do I sound like a Kid Cudi stan? Anywho, these vids are from the ongoing Great Hangover Tour w/ Asher Roth,Pac Div and BOB. I need to be front row and center-and I will. I have a Anne. Whaddup Chip! lol Chip needs to be in the A for this show, so they can do Ask About Me.Cudi, I LOVE YOU!!!!! I wish I could get an interview or something with him. I'm gonna take tons of pics and everything. Aug.2 is Cudder Time! Enjoy the flippin videos!

Mr.Solo Dolo

Heart of A Lion

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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