Cudder Time! Press Edition!

Never really put too much thought into Cudi's look until this GQ feature he has. When I first started hearing about Cudi and listening to him, dude was rocking a mohawk. But this feature is a really detailed description of his look. Food for though I guess! Cudi looks great though! You know he got some Mexican in him? Dope.

From GQ:

The Neo-Fro (and how to manage it)

Kid Cudi On His Ever Evolving Do
“When I lived in Cleveland, I had a barber who was by appointment only. We’d just kick it in his shop - I’d play him some of my music, and we’d crack jokes and watch movies. In high school, I kept a Caesar for a while, I had a Mohawk, and I used to apply these texturizer kits so I could have the bomb S-curl. I used to think I was [singer] Carl Thomas. Now I’m letting my hair grow out a bit, and I have this guy called Lyte who cuts my hair twice a week. Since I’m letting it go longer, I just get a trim and a lineup. I don’t really get the full cut anymore. I’m embracing my grungy look.”

1. The Look Cudi calls “grungy” below is actually very tidy. his barber usues electric clippers to create clean edges that frame his face.

2. He does let his curls go a bit, however. But who doesn’t right now? Just check out Kanye and Jay-Z.

3. Bigger hair, though, doesn’t mean a bigger beard. (He ain’t Rick Ross.) Cudi keeps it trim, fading seemlessly from his sideburns.

As seen on Dat New Cudi

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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