Don't go out like this Vibe!

Why Vibe? Why????! Change this cover! This is not the way to go out! I def know Quincy Jones is pissed about this whole situation and is probably not to excited about this being the final cover. Not dope at all! Even if this wasn't their finally cover, it's still not a dope cover. Aww Vibe why must you die! And why the hell would you put these two on the this? Wow...bad move! Quincy, come get your magazine please!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Mrs. SoloDolo said…
Yo I read a comment you left on Dat New where you said you was goin to The Great Hangover Tour in ATL! Well guess what?? I live in ATL and its so dope to find another Cudi lover!!! My name is Maya and it would be so cool to get to know you and kick it at the concert... I only got a Facebook but you can always email me:

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