Es goes on vacation,The Dope Boyz takeover.

Oh my loyal readers...all 5 of you, ya girl Es will be going off to a far away land-Florida! lol I'll be gone from this Saturday to August 1, so for like a week. I've worked really hard on making this blog one of the dopest on the web and so far, so good. I'm getting there, I'm getting there. I really did not want my blog to just be at a stand still for a whole week and get all lonely. So for the whole week, I got some of my Dope Boyz (if you follow me on Twitter, you know what I'm talking about) who are bloggers to do some....blogsitting. The my dope Boyz are taking over people! Yes, they will be blogging, giving yall some dope shit! The Dope Boyz involved are Erik of Infinite Cycle, Drew of Blah Blog, Juan Neal aka Juan The Blogger, and Alex aka alneeZy! These guys are hilarious and make me laugh all the time and they are cool as hell-no drama! I love'em and I know you guys will too! Do me proud boyz! *tear* lol

But if you still wanna hear from me while I'm on vacation, follow me on Twitter at ! I will still be tweeting about everything crazy that is happening on my vacation but I wont be able to reply back to anyone cuz I'll be tweeting from my phone. Just giving you guys a heads up! And if ya gonna miss me even more, shoot me an email and I'll give you my cell number! Don't cry! lol

Everybody else went on vacation and not it's Essi's turn! i love all of you who read and love my blog! And I know my blog is in good hands with my boyz, cause they got me! I'll miss you...I dont wanna leave....Oh God let me go now!

Sunshine State.....let's get our shine on!'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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