Go Team Amber!

From loyal reader and fellow Team Amber teammate,Rydee:
... I know we both share the love for Amber and look! Shes signed with ford and all the have a few takes of her at the office http://coacd.blogspot.com/2009/07/amber-rose-at-ford.html

I cant wait for the photoshoots to come :DThanx Rydee for this great find!!! Yall already know how much love I got for the one and only Amber Rose! She looks gorgeous as usual! I also can not wait to see some work from her as a Ford Model! I know she is gonna kill it in this fashion industry!

And recently, the emotional ass rapper, The Game, come out with a diss track called I'm So Wavy talking shit about the King of Hip Hop,Jay-Z and he had a few words to say about our girl Amber. I was like,"OH HELLL NO!" Game, you may not know this, but Team Amber rolls deep-watch ya back!...and ya front! No one talks shit about Amber Rose! Enjoy the pics everyone!

Go Amber Go!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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