the great hangover

Yo! All tha homies been on their job with the updates! Its my turn nowww lol. Its ur homeboy al neeZy popping in to give you readers my addition to this grand takeover for your reading pleasure. So, "kick off ya shoes & relax yo' feet.." lol

If you've been up to speed these past few weeks, then you are aware that a pretty DOPE concert tour has been taking place across the country. Headliners Asher Roth & Kid CuDi both, REFRESHING newcomers to the hip-hop industry have been rockin from city to city. Along with the two performing, are artists 88 Keys & B.O.B atl.

Having been a spectator at their show in Royal Oak, MI 2 weeks ago, I must say that impressed was the LEAST that I could say about this one. Both 88 and B.O.B came in with a lot of energy and unlike many opening acts, they were actually engaging & entertaining! Nice job fellas. As expected, CuDi & Asher failed to disappoint. Kid Cudi really knows how to get a crowd pumped especially with hits such as, "Down & Out", "Make Her Say" & of course, "Day & Night."

Asher also did a very good job with closing the show; his theatrics that were used as tags to go along with the comedic themes to many of his songs played out well. My one and only critique is that in some cases, it seems like CuDi out performed, and I only bring that up because of "The Great Hangover" tour being Roth's official tour FEATURING Kid Cudi. In this case, I would suggest that he AT LEAST attempt at giving the audience either equal or MORE energy because Kid Cudi had EVERYONE's undivided attention. Kinda says a lot when people are leaving during the main All in all, every performance was great in its own way but if you want to be entertained highly, a Kid Cudi performance is where you wanna be lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

Compliments of my homie, denire


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