The Hudson Times. Part I

*screaming* I WANNA GO TO LONDON!!!!! and listening to some Mr.Hudson is not helping! I'm gonna buy this dude's freakin album when it drops! And you should too! Every leak I've heard thus far from dude is dope! My kind of music! Can't really put it in a box. And I hate when people can't think of a genre for an artist to fit in and they just call it pop! This is beyond pop! Shit is dope! There Will Be Tears is crazy dope, Supernova is the shit, and now these two tracks are the business!!!!! I'm officially a Mr.Hudson fan! Dude didn't even drop a mixtape of anything! You go Hudson! I have to buy is other album, heard it was good too. KanYe has the illest artists on his label! "It's G.O.O.D Music bitches, nobody fuckin' with us!"-Big Sean in Glenwood

I heard Anyone But Him before like a long time ago...where did I hear it?.....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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