Johnny Cupcakes Cut & Sew.

Got an email about this today-I love getting emails like this. Ok so anyways the dope clothing line, Johnny Cupcakes, has expanded their variety of baked goods and will know have some cut & sew pieces. Johnny Cupcakes has some like really dope t-shirts and their stuff is good quality as well.First time I heard about them was when Gym Class Heroes first came on the scene and stuff. I really like their stuff and I'm excited about these pieces right here. But what I really like about these pieces are that they are unisex. This is dope for someone like me because I'm into mixing girl and guy clothes together and creating my own kind of style...there's a word for it but I forgot it just now. lolThis JC T-shirt Hoodie is unisex. Comes in purple/black and yellow/grey, price is $50This JC Button Up is also unisex, comes in the grey and the black/white checkered print, it's $60To cop some freshly baked Johnny Cupcakes of your own, hit up
Shout out to Emily Rodrigues for the info!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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