Matte Black.

Gemballa Mirage GT Matt Edition
Okay, so I have this crazy obsession with matte black cars. They look so dope! I'm not really a car person-yet, I don't even have a license, I'm working on it, but I love matte black cars! Like a dude can be ugly as fuck but if he has a matte black, has to be black, car...I'll be like Wendy Williams,"How you doing?!" I love'em! When I get my money right and stuff, all my cars are gonna be matte black!

Rob Dyrdek's Matte Black Tahoe, that he gave away. Remember that episode of Rob & Big? yurppp!
This is probably my favorite matte black car I've ever seen and yes, it belongs to my good friend Rich Hil! I love Range Rovers and I love matte black. Put them together and what do you get? DOPEEEEEE SHITTTTT! You know Rich, if you ever want to give it away like Rob did with his Tahoe-get at me! lolIf you know of any other dope matte black cars-post them in a comment! I wanna see! I wanna see!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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