Pretty Girls.

People like Wale make me proud to be Nigerian. We on the come up in this music biz-watch out! Love this track, kinda same vibe as Chillin but I like it and it works for Wale. I just hate when songs be like Pretty girls make noise, ugly girls be quiet cause what girl is really gonna be quiet? Never makes sense to me...and trust not every girl is pretty...I can name some u-g-l-y ones. I aint no Halle Berry myself but at least I dont look like a creature from the Land of the Lost! Damn! Dope shit-enjoy ppl! Oh, and word is that Wale's and Cudi's album drops the same day! Which album will you buy and which one will you bootleg? Or will you do both for both albums? I'll probably bootleg it first, then buy it. Bootlegs drop early then the album in stores...I'm low on patience! lol

As seen on h.e.r

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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