Random Thoughts of Es. Take 2!

Blog reader: Es, why are you doing this again?

Es: Cause I'm bored.

Blog reader: Okay. Just asking.

Es: Dope shit.

Blog reader: What?

Ok so here's take 2 of Random Thoughts of Es and not only am I doing this because I'm bored but because the whole World Wide Web is boring on the weekends! No one posts anything really interesting, no one really tweets anything besides their weekly Follow Friday lists, no drama-well there is drama but you don't here about it til Monday! Everybody is out doing something, away from the computer...besides me! I really need to get out more! So here I am again with some random ass thoughts that are floating throughout my head. Comment if you want...I would like you to comment...comments make me happy...like cupcakes...

*It seems that I get more follwoers when its not Follow Friday then when it is...weird uh?

*I really need to find a way to get into that KanYe show this fall for free...I'm in college so you know my ass is broke! I need to see my idol!

*I wonder how people find out about my blog...through other blogs? through someone's twitter? from God? lol

*When I get my first apartment (which will be in NYC by the grace of God), I want Fafi to draw me as a Fafiette on my wall...how much would that cost?

*I love him, but Drake is kinda old news to me...I hate when that happens!

*Cudi on the other hand, doper than ever! The Tim Westwood freestyle, will forever live in the iPod. "I got Wi Fi skeet!" HAHAHAHAHAHA! Kid Cudi FTW!

*I need to be on more blogrolls. Get at me!

*When I go to Disney this month, I'ma try to get Mickey to do the stanky leg with me.

*I told people that by the end of 09 I would be famous...that was like two years ago...I don't think it's gonna happen...let's try 2010!

*The majority of my Dope Boyz on Twitter are bloggers-we run this shit called the internet!

*A couple of days ago, for the first time I was actually sad about MJ's passing. Human Nature was playing on the iPod and I just felt mad sad. Like no more MJ...forever. Like the director of the Thriller video said,"Michael was a tragic person" What a life that man lived. But I am still annoyed with everyone overreacting to it-chill out!

*I had a dream that I punched the shit out of Soulja Boy for being an ass to me...Dreams do come true you know....

*Rich Hil needs to drop another mixtape...I'm dying over here! lol No pressure, Rich!

*October 4th is not just my birthday, It's thegirlEs Day! Cupcakes for everyone!

Es: Ok. I'm done now

Blog reader: Wow.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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