Richard Jefferson... I Don't!

richard_jefferson-wife-bikini-boobsI am kind of mad that I have been so busy that I could not give food for thought on the topic of Richard Jefferson leaving his ex fiancee at the alter. If you have ever had a conversation you would know that I usually stay neutral until I hear the whole story.

At first I thought that maybe Richard Jefferson knew that he was only marrying a pretty face and maybe he wanted more out of a marriage other than a wife with a great a*s. there were reported rumors that the week before their wedding that the ex fiancee and Richard had been at each others throats heavy....

Whether they had been arguing everyday since he proposed to her, one thing I know for certain. YOU DO NOT BREAK UP WITH YOUR FIANCEE VIA EMAIL! That right there was not a good look for men across the world. It showed that good old boy Richard is still highly immature and that he only cares about himself. Helping people to prove their theory that athletes are self absorbed.

the worse part was that he still had a reception. Why would you want you friends to party on your dime if there is nothing to party for? After all of these men were killed because of a woman scorned, why would you basically spit in this woman's face? Baby we need to talk, things aren't working out, maybe we should take a break! Yes all of those phrases sound stupid, and yes ladies you may lose respect for a guy if you hear those words, but you will respect him more than if you got one of those three phrases via text or email.

One rotten apple will spoil the bunch when that apple's name is Richard Jefferson. Money can not buy you love, but it can buy his ex fiancee. It is reported that after the email/text that Richard Jefferson paid her a 6 figure settlement to help her move on.... I will say it for her:Thanks Jerk Face!

Just like no man deserves to be treated like less of a man, no woman deserves to be treated like anything less than a woman on the most important day of her life. Next to a woman's birthday, her wedding day is the most important thing to her. It is what they dream of as they demand that their Ken doll marries Barbie. It is the reason that they are the Flower Girls, the Brides Made, the Made of Honor.... All so that one day they can be the beauty of the day. Richard Jefferson robbed his ex fiancee of that day and now she may be just another woman scorned.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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