Run This Town.

Ooooookayyyyy. Um, I'm just gonna type whatever comes to my mind. I just like, 2 sec ago, finished listening to this-literally. Dope beat! I love the whole "army in war" kinda feel to it. Very nice. Rihanna on the chorus....negative. I feel like a more soulful chick would have been better on it. Like Jazmine Sullivan or even Mary J.Blige. Shit even Keyshia Cole. But not Rihanna. She didn't fit in the song to me. KanYe's verse was hot! And I'm saying that in a no bias way! Hearing him on this reminded me of Jesus Walks. Jay-Z....good too. Am I more excited for the BP3 now from this song than I was, but still excited. Dope track besides that Rihanna sucked on it.
That's what I had to say.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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