superhead has a bad interview

so karrine steffans has a new book in stores now entitled the vixen manual. she is doing her promotional tour when she runs into these two reporters who give her a hard time because of what she does. i was first notified of this interview on twitter along with comment about it like "that hoe got what she deserved" and "it took long enough for somebody to go in on her". and normally i would agree. but is it just me...or did it seem like the way these reporters went about "going in" on her...was kinda racist?

you can tell that their main objective was to insult her. they didn't read the book. they don't know a lot about her [besides the fact that she writes books and she used to dance in videos]. and they were super disrespectful to her from the jump. she went into this interview with no chance at a victory. she was completely blind sided.

if you disagree with me ponder this...would the interview have gone exactly the same way if SuperHead was caucasian?


Cameron said…
lmaooooo these are reporters from my area hahaha

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