Theory of Es: Bloggers are Thy Friends.

This is gonna be a quicky you guys-hopefully! I keep hearing statements from various celebs (especially music artists) saying, "Fuck Bloggers!" or "Fuck the Internet". And to you I say,"Thank You!"

Everyone likes to say that they live by the phases "Let your haters be your motivators." or "Your haters are your biggest fans." You can only truly live by these phases if you don't respond to the "haters" in a negative way or at all. Can't fight fire with fire, now can you? And what you celebs fail to realize is that us bloggers keep you relevant. If it wasn't for us to take time out to blog about you, no one would give a fuck about you. Yes, even if we do blog about you, we give a fuck...but it's a very tiny fuck. For example, I have no place in my heart for Rihanna, but I blog about her. Why? Because she gives me something to do when I'm hella bored. Her fuckery let's me be great!

So instead of saying, fuck bloggers and the internet, you should thank us. For taking our sweet, precious time out to even think of you, let alone blog about you. Don't get mad if we got like ya performance at a award show. Don't cry if we review ya music and think its a zip file full of bullshit. Don't get an attitude if we don't like ya red carpet outfit. Sit back and say to yourself, "At least they talking about me." Because at the end of the day, we make ya albums sell, ya movies go to number 1, ya fashion lines to get people to wear ya shit, and etc. And yes, I know sometimes us bloggers can take it a little too far *cough*Perez Hilton*cough* but if a blogger is human, they will apologizes and watch their mouth/fingers (cause of typing) in the future. I for one try to not be a nice or mean blogger, I just say it how i see it. I do real blogging. But that's it. Celebs, thank us and appreciate the fact that we are even posting shit about you. Bloggers, let's know our limits and try to keep it real instead of extra mean or ultra nice. Cause if ya ultra nice, you're just kissing ass!

Celebs & bloggers need to respect and appreciate one another. Celebs, bloggers are thy friends, not thy enemies. Keep it real, World!

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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