This Chick...

Yall already know I have no place in my heart nor mind for this chick but this hair is not the business. I'm glad to see everyone giving her props and saying she's "bad" or whatever because all of you are playing yourselves. This tragedy of a haircut is ugly. Yes, Rihanna can be fashion forward and stuff but this is not cute. I am not a fan of the Cassie "prank" haircut (I say prank b/c it looks like someone shaved the side of her head while she was sleeping to be funny and she couldnt do anything about it so she had to embrace it), but Cassie's shit looks better than this shit. Admit it people, it's ugly! If she had just shaved one side and left the rest cute and short, that would have been boss. Rihanna looks like a freakin alien working around these days. If you look at the pics of her just walking around NYC or wherever and see the faces on the people around, they looking like "Who is? -This chick is weird." I feel like calling CNN and telling them I see UFO's in NYC or some shit! I've been over this chick for the longest but I just want to say what everyone else is thinking. I know yall dont wanna seem lame and say how you really feel about Rihanna but I choose to be my own person and state what's real. Rihanna's new haircut=u-g-l-y! This is one Riri hairstyle NOT to copy ladies!

Rihanna's new haircut is worst than Cassie's haircut which is worst than Amber Rose's haricut which is boss!

A.Rose FTW! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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