When The Internet Fails, TV Prevails!

You know, I like to think of myself as a new era/ neo tech kinda kid. You know I was alive before iPods and mp3s and flat screen TVs and laptops...small laptops but now as an young adult I use these things and kinda can't live my life with them. And people know me for being a complete computer/internet head. A lot of what I know when it comes to computers I learned with just being bored and messing around with it. I swear I need to be a part of the Geek Squad at Bet Buy. But anyways, the internet is not always there for me and I have to find other means of entertainment. And that's when I grab the remote and indulge myself in some good ol fashion TV! And here are some of my favorite guilty pleasures....

Yes, I watch the Food Network. Honestly, it's probably like the best channel on TV. You just don't want to watch it because you're afraid of being called a fat ass! Well there's a lot more to this channel just food! The excitement, education, drama, funny people-everything! One of my favorite shows on there is Iron Chef America! This show is so freaking dope! The little Asian guy is a little extra with all his cartwheels and flips and shooting but this Iron Chefs can cook there butts off! And I love that they have to use some secret ingredient so it really makes it mad challenging for them. Majority of the time the Iron Chefs whoop ass but some times the rookie rises to the occasion...or shall I say meal! This is a must watch show! Also watch Ace of Cakes (I freakin love cakes and this show is the shit!), Good Eating with Alton Brown (or whatever his name is!) you'll learn a lot!, and Throwdown with Bobby Flay ( Bobby Flay is fun-ny! Got mad swag too!).Ok, so Erica (Phive10) got all into Bravo and I am forever grateful for that because this is another one of my favorite channels! But this year, I am such a happier person because of the joy The Real Housewives of New Jersey have brought me! This is the best season of Real Housewives yet! These ladies are the shit! Ok, so let me do it in order of the pic. Jacqueline is the more soft spoken one. She step sisters with Dina and Caroline and got two kids. I like her because she silly and fun and stands for what is right and not exactly who is right. And then there's Teresa, my favorite! She is so Jersey it's not even funny! Her family is hilarious especially her 3 little girls. Erica and I have like Teresa quotes that we say all the time like, "Prostitution Whore!" Then we got Daniele, the chick with all the drama. She's weird, she tells her daughters about her mutiple relationships and has phone sex...yeaaa, weird! Next is Dina, she's dope! She has her own business going on but really doesn't need to do it cause her husband is flipp. She has no time for anyone's nonsense and just wants to chill and hang with her daughter. Last but certainly not least,Caroline. She runs shit! I wanna be like here when I grow up! lol She also doesn't take any bs from anyone and is forever loyal to her family...her very big family! lol Great show! Can't wait for the next season!
Afternoons on MTV are so much better now a days! With shows like Is She Really Going Out With Him, DJ & The Fro, and Slient Library-my afternoons are great! Silent Library is probably my favorite. There are plenty of times where my friends and I are in the library laughing our brains out and people are giving us the dirtiest looks. It's so funny! I really want to do this show but I like to laugh out loud so I know my teams would get like no money. I don't feel like explaining the whole show but watch it at 5:30 EST on MTV-you'll be rolling off the couch! Dope show! The host is so serious, I know he wants to laugh! lol

Ok, that's it for now! I'll be back later with some more of my favorite shows! Do you check these shows out? Will you check these shows out now that you know about them? Remember who told you first!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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