You celebs and ya hair these days....

Why must yall fuck up ya hair? Are you guys going through a midlife/early life crisis? This is ridiculous! Yall just looking crazy! And yes, that is Demi Moore-unfortunately. HOT MESS! You are not a rockstar, chill out! Get ya self a lace front and keep it moving! All you female celebs walking around looking like crackheads! Shit is not cute! And yes, I know this really shouldn't bother me cause it not my head (Thank the Living Jesus!) but every time I go on a blog and see some famous chick with some ugly haircut, I feel like climbing through the computer screen and just shave all their hair off! Crank an Amber Rose bitches! If you are just now hopping on the "My short hair is edgy" train, ya short hair it NOT edgy! Kelis started this "I'ma cut my hair off and be bossy" movement like 3/4 years ago, yall bitches late! Kelis did it and pulled it off nicely, even when she dyed it pink and shit. But she's even growing her hair back. All you female celebs are followers and the rest of you females out there copying this horrific haristyles are followers too! I'm going natural...going back to my African roots-literally!.

I rest my case.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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