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So this is what KanYe and Cudi were cooking up for Jay-Z's BP3. I like it...I don't love it. It's a nice wholesome track. Um, I starting to think BP3 kinda doesn't have a theme to it. It kinda seems to me that Jay-Z is doing all the kinds of records he has been waiting to do and finally got to do them. There are a lot of different vibes going on. That's what I get at least when I hear these leaks. But you know, not every album needs a theme to be classic it just seems that now a days, that's the best way to produce a classic album to the people. But you know, Cudi did great on the track, I wanted more of him but you know at least we got him on the chorus and not just one verse.Jay is not coming with his best verses ever, but I feel like they aren't his worst. So I'm understanding why a lot of loyal Hov fans are kinda disappointed when they are hearing these leaks. But again, nice track.
Roc Nation...bitch.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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