Cassie x Dimepiece.

Here are some shoots from the infamous Cassie x Dimepiece photoshoot everyone is tweeting about, especially Diddy. Cassie was a model before she started singing so it's no surprise to me that a clothing line would use her as their main girl to advertise their clothes. I think Cassie's aura matches the feel and vibe of Dimepiece's clothes this season and that's why the shoot came so dope. I'm a fan of Cassie and she looks great in the photos. Dimepiece is a really ill line and their shit is on the next level. Dope shit! I want that shirt! Yall know I love me some Karl Lagerfeld! lol
That skirt is crazy ill! Loves it! I love this whole outfit actually.

Crewnecks FTW!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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