Chris Brown is leaking, if you know what I mean.

Chris's album was suppose to come out this summer but this summer is over so maybe this winter? lol Umm, I've been hearing a lot of so called leaks from him and most of them are unreleased tracks from previous albums or someone just put his songs to a different beat and said it was new. So lame, I know. But these tracks sound brand new to me! I like the first one (video above). It's a nice dancing vibe, but it's very typical of Chris. It's like, he's been there and done that, what else can you do Breezy? But still a dope song. Also produced by Scott Scortch.

This song below, word is that it is Chris's apology to Rihanna and shit. I think iit's just a song. To be quite honest, they just need to leave each other alone and move on. They are like poison for each other and each other's careers! lol Seriously though. I'm not really this track. Again, typical Chris Brown shit but this is like boring. Say Goodbye was better. Say goodbye to her already Chris! Um,just listen to it yall. lol

Chris, we're gonna need some doper shit than this if you want to get your fans back! Just saying...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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