The Coolest Bboi Stance.

The homie, Wordspit has finally dropped his along awaited mixtape, The Coolest Bboi Stance! Today is a good day in Essi's World...when my computer unzips the file! My computers and I have a love/hate relationship.Back to Wordspit. With tracks like Joystick Madness and Poet's Haiku, which he leaked, I know this mixtape is gonna be ill. Wordspit is really dope and so underratted because yall too focused on Drake and them Freshmen. Download the mixtape, support some dope Hip Hop and enjoy!!!

Now I'm gonna try to unzip this file and be a part of this experience with the rest of yall...wish me luck! lol DOWNLOAD THE MIXTAPE NOW!
...loving the color theme...illy! lol I'll review this after I listen to it but I'm pretty I'm gonna love this! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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