Cudder Time! Feature Edition!

I love this. It's very Kid Cudi, if that makes sense. Like lonely stoner type shit! I like the vibe. It's not too hype and crazy but still has enough energy to get hype to and dance around to. Yall know I like to dance around and jump for joy! lol I love this song. David Guetta is dope as hell! That song with Kelly Rowlnad is ill! She killed it on that track. I could so see this song on Man on the Moon:End of Day, but it's David's song. So we're gonna let David be great! lol Dope shit guys! Enjoy suckas!
Rage muthafucka, RAGE! lol
Sounds like something Cudi would say...lmao
sidenote:Cudi looks so good in this pic.I'm sorry but I'm a girl with hormones and-let me stop.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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