Declaration of Dopeness: Kings of Leon is the shit!

New thing on the blog people! It's called Declaration of Dopeness. These posts will be about things that I, Es (probably) the #1 Dope Girl on the Internet, declares a person (or people), place, or thing that is...dope! But you guys know, I've already being doing this, calling things dope and stuff but this is with people/places/things that you maybe never thought of as dope before or just never heard of!

So for my very first declaration, we have the band Kings of Leon. I love this band from just this one song. I am def googling the shit out of them and gonna try to find their album on zshare or something!-What?! I'm broke! lol I love their sound. Like I'm a killer for bands with really dope vocalists hence Paramore, Fall Out Boy, System of a Down! I like rock bands with lead singers who actually sing-not scream! And they all do vocals which is dope! I just love this band! I get excited whenever I see the video in the morning on MTV or VH1! Love them! Here goes the Essi declaring shit...

From this day forward
I, Es, dope girl/your favorite blogger's favorite blogger
Declare that the rock band
Kings of Leon is......

Carry on people...carry on....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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