Diary of an ATL Brave release party.

Donnis x 10 Deep held a release party for the release of their mixtape, Diary of an ATL Brave. Love the way they shot it. I'm so in love with Donnis right now, it's not even funny. That mixtape is the shit! I did a review on it on CLIC University just in case you ain't know so! lol I know it's probably hard to find my posts or any of the other DOPE posts from the other DOPE boyz & girlz! Shout out to Courtney, Mikey, One Ten and of course Drewski! Anyways, I love Donnis and I see great things in his future as an artist. He's dope!

Think KanYe, Act Donnis
dude is crazy! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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