Drizzy Time! Stop Drake Edition!

Just watch the video first....

Drake...sweetie, just stop. Please stop. Yes, we as your fans are mad at you for that sucky music video of yours but we understand you broke or tear something in ya leg and that you need a break..no pun intended.Heartbreak Drake, you are truly breaking my heart by doing this to yourself. You look pathetic.*getting bitchy* Sit ya ass down! You are hurt, WE GET IT!!!! Stop trying to go hard for people when its too hard to do! I would prefer for you to lay in bed, heal, get ya energy back, and give us some of the best performances that you will ever do! This is ridiculously! You're annoying me Drake, stop doing this to yourself! You are probably just injuring ya knee or leg more! SIT DOWN!

.....and then this nigga had a cane....ughhhhhh!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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