"Es always be saying that."

Ok new loyal readers [calling yall new loyal readers cause I'm hoping you will return on the daily! lol], it's not time to get to know Es, but to understand Es. I am not ya average 18 yr old female...literally...if you haven't noticed yet. So there is some vocabulary of mine that you might not get or is tweeting "WTF?!" about. So because I'm a nice person, I'll fill you in a little. Not much to cover, just a few sayings/phrases of mine...

"Dope shit."-this one should be obivous. Basically when anything is ...dope or cool or the business, I say "Dope shit." But when it is extra dope and I can't contain myself, I say "DOPEEEEEEEEE SHITTTTTTTTT!"

"Tryna help you out!"-if you know me, like in person, you know I say this a lot. People always tryna start some stuff when I doing something for them. Hence the saying.

"...just saying."-This one is fairly new. I tend to state my opinions and I say "...just saying." to let the people know I mean no harm. Just saying how I see it!

"Asshole!"-I call everyone this. Not really calling you one but I am.Get it? Just don't get extra heated and want to start a beef with me when I call you this.

"I Am Cupcake"-Brand new! It's kinda like how Nicki Minaj calls herself a barbie. I think of myself as cupcake often. When I'm nice and sweet and just oh so cute, I'm a cupcake. When I'm mean, ruthless and a bitch-I'm not.=D Get it? Can you guess what I am now? lol

Okie dok. Honestly, this post came out of boredom, but I hoped it helped! Enjoy my fuckery ppl! lol
...everybody else got catch phrases..why can't Es?

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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